Alexis Gauba

I'm Alexis, an undergraduate at UC Berkeley pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. 

I've always sought to further emerging fields, building up the first high school Business and Entrepreneurship department at The Harker School, as Co-Founder and Executive Director at CareerConnect and as CEO of one of the most successful DECA chapters in the nation. 

I've spent two summers at The Hive, LLC working on Data Science and Data Engineering projects and spent a summer researching MediCal with Professor Mark Duggan at SIEPR (Stanford's Institute for Economic Policy Research).

Currently, I'm focused on blockchain technology, specifically protocol level cryptoeconomic mechanisms, as a Developer and Researcher at Blockchain at Berkeley. I am also actively working to bridge barriers to entry in this space through intiatives like SHE256. See below for more of my work in this space. 

In my spare time I'm an avid traveler, food enthusiast, bookworm, and golfer.


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SHE256 explores ground-breaking research, protocols and specific applications of blockchain led by women in the blockchain space.



Wealth redistribution model built on blockchain. Primarily a coordination mechanism between different groups of people with aligned incentives but no structure to take advantage.



Mechanism Labs is a leading research group at UC Berkeley working on groundbreaking protocol level and cryptoeconomic problems.



An optimized crowdsale model, which  introduces stability and accountability through a phase based system, which prioritizes the growth of the product itself.

privacy token prediction market

Prediction market to realign company incentivizes with consumer needs. Recipient of $1500 prize at CalHacks 2017.