Duality in Dubai

The natural landscape is rugged, barren, and enthralling. There's a certain sublimity in being surrounded by an inescapable mass of sand under the hot desert sky. Yet there's another, separate kind of sublimity in the masterpiece that is the carefully constructed city. Taking human prowess to new heights, Dubai is home to a myriad of manmade islands and architectural wonders. There's something spectacular about both of these experiences as human beings conquered the desert terrain to build a thriving oasis, but still respect and preserve the natural state of the Earth. 

Within the desert everything is sharp, stark, and minimal, just as the skyscrapers are sharp, stark, and minimal. A coherent theme of awe and imagination runs through all parts of the emirate as it plays host to the most cutting edge architectural advancements and one of the most ancient states of the planet. 

All in one place lie two striking extremities.