Bare Bowls

While the glaring sun beat down upon the offices nestled in Downtown Palo Alto, just off of University Avenue lay a refreshing gem to combat the heat and rejuvenate the self. 

Interning in Palo Alto last summer, I fell in love with Bare Bowls. I had been following the acai bowl trend, having seen numerous photos on Instagram, but I had not been able to try one. Opportunity presented itself when one of my coworkers suggested Bare Bowls.

Entering the air conditioned eatery felt like a breath of fresh air in the summer heat, as the verdant scent of berries and herbs drifted through the air. The wooden tables and chalkboards invoked a sense of a secluded, natural environment, while the Square powered cash register and professionals typing away on MacBooks, gave Bare a distinct Silicon Valley air.

I looked at the menu, carefully considering the plethora of options, and decided to try the Cardinal. 

The Cardinal is the original option consisting of acai and various berries topped with granola, bananas, and berries, and was a great introduction into the world of acai bowls. 


Following this first encounter, Bare was the eatery I revisited the most over the time I interned and I tried another 3 of their different bowl options. 

The Sunrise Pitaya is a tropical treat that screams summer. The base contains pitaya, berries, and tropical fruits, and it is topped with bananas, strawberry, coconut shavings, and gogi berries. This bowl was by far my favorite, it even made my instragram ;).


The Powerhouse Bowl is good for a quick burst of energy with a base of acai, blueberries, and maca, topped with granola, bananas and blueberries. Bare selected the ingredients to “give you power for whatever your day may bring."


The Trailblazer Bowl is the most filling option, good for a substantial snack or lunch. The base contains almond butter, acai, and various berries. It is topped with granola, strawberries and bananas. 


Frequented by lululemon wearing teenagers and business professionals alike, the delectable bowls of fruity goodness certainly made their mark on my time in Palo Alto.

Tip: The best photo lighting is on table by the window, it lets in nice natural light

Artsy Level: 4

I find that these days teenagers and young adults increasingly value ‘artsiness’ in their photos, meals, and everyday objects. I believe ‘artsiness’ refers how unique something is, how well it’s designed, and how it appeals to the human eye and sense of emotion. Individuals often travel to restaurants or locations to enjoy the ambiance of ‘artsiness’ amongst other elements, and thus the artsy level ranking was born. If you’ve visited Bare Bowls, let me know what you think its artsy level should be in the comments below.